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[DeleGate-En] Proxyfunctions for Videoconferencing like Netmeeting ?
02 Dec 2000 11:13:19 GMT

Ok,first I must say, that I am using delegate over 1 year with

delegate always compiles fine and is stable.
In our company we use it for http,https,ftp,smtp,pop3,imap,socks-Proxys
and special functions with the tcp and udp-relay.

But now we would like to use Netmeeting for the contakt to and from our

I know that netmeeting needs many ports like this FAQ from microsoft:

Port           Zweck
389       Internet Locator Server [Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)]
522       User Location Server (TCP)
1503           T.120 (TCP) 1720 H.323-Anrufaufbau (TCP)
1731           Audio-Anrufsteuerung (TCP)
Dynamisch      H.323-Anrufsteuerung (TCP)
Dynamisch      H.323-Streaming [Realtime Transport Protocol (RTP) 髙er User
Datagram Protocol (UDP)]

Is it possible to use delegate for this like CUSEEME or do we need another
product for the
proxy. Is delegate able to proxy H.323 ?

Thank you for every help !



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