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[DeleGate-En] Re: BASEURL adds extra / into URL ?
21 Nov 2000 09:16:44 GMT "Jari Ahonen" <>
Progress Software

Resending now that the mail gateway is fixed...

Thanks for the BASEURL fix... And I found what was causing the
IP to be sent in the redirects.

As for the rationale behind using BASEURL, I did some
over-simplification in the diagram I sent with the first mail
because the rest of the stuff was not really relevant. See below
for further explanation. Maybe someone will find this useful.

Yutaka Sato wrote:
> Maybe this problem is caused because the IP-address which is used by
> a client to reach your host (network interface card on your host)
> like "" cannot be resolved into any hostname like
> "delegatehost" on your host.  If this is the case, you will find
> a line in your LOGFILE as follows

In this case the "client" is always the delegatehost, i.e. That also explains why I want to change the
"delegatehost" name with BASEURL. And I cannot use IP addresses
(Real network interface addresses) since this whole thing sits in
a DMZ network of a firewall and addresses are different from the
web browser perspective.

The whole diagram looks roughly like this:

Client - Firewall - server

And inside delegatehost the request travels this route:
Firewall - ApacheSSL - delegate - Firewall

Firewall does access control, ApacheSSL is a nice high-performance
encryption frontend, delegate does URL rewriting. I tried sslway
as frontend first but Apache performance is much better. Probably
because sslway needs to be exec'ed for every request while Apache
keeps things running all the time.

> This problem can be solved by setting the necessary reverse
> resolution data on you host, or simply add a parameter to DeleGate
> like follows.
>   HOSTS=delegatehost/

This may actually work as well because I can do some stuff
at the Apache layer that will make things look sane again (In fact
that's probably where I should do this kind of header rewrites).
But in this case the easiest thing for me was to do
This worked fine except for the extra slash.

- Jari

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