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[DeleGate-En] BASEURL adds extra / into URL ?
09 Nov 2000 17:11:14 GMT "Jari Ahonen" <>
Progress Software


Has anyone else experienced this...

A HTTP redirect coming from HTTP server MOUNTed via delegate
gets an extra / added after server name if BASEURL is used
in configuration.


Client - DeleGate - Server

MOUNT /foobar/* http://server/*

If there is no BASEURL in the configuration, DeleGate rewrites
the redirect like this:
http://server/xyz/ ->

This is fine but I don't want to use IP addresses in URLs so
I add a BASEURL="http://delegatehost" into the config. In this
case the URL gets rewritten like this:
http://server/xyz/ -> http://delegatehost//foobar/xyz/

Note the two slashes after hostname part.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug ? Or is there
another way of doing what I want, i.e. the kind of rewriting
I get with BASEURL but without the extra / ?



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