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[DeleGate-En] Some miscellaneous questions
21 Feb 2000 13:52:51 GMT Martin Preishuber <>
Enthusiastic Carinthian Linux Project

Hi all,

I've got some general questions concering delegate, maybe
someone out there can help me ;-)

- as http-proxy, how do I exclude specific URLs e.g. /cgi-bin ?
- is there any way to limit the cache size to e.g. 2gb ?
- is there anything like ACLs ? atm I use the PERMIT parameter
- is there any possibility to change the default b&w icons when
  connecting to a ftp-site ?
- are there any data about the performance of delegate ? how many
  connections can it handle on which machine ?

thanks !


Martin Preishuber - Student, ECLiPt Core Member, SysAdmin,

A pound of salt will not sweeten a single cup of tea.

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