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[DeleGate-En] NNTP proxy problem of Delegate 6.0.9
16 Feb 2000 10:38:51 GMT "Matej Mihelic" <>
Neosys d.o.o. Ljubljana

I have merged 6 different NNTP servers and I have caching enabled.

Every time anyone tries to connect to Delegate server for any kind of 
operation (for instance download of 1 item in 1 newsgroup) Delegate 
will connect to ALL mounted servers.

For instance only one user will generate 18 outbound connections if he 
is using MS Outlook Express and activates "Synchronize Newsgroups" + 
clicks (opens) on two additional newsgroups.

From what I have seen in console Delegate requests HELP and LIST from 
all those servers on all connections before starting to download 

And since this connections stay open and eventually timeout 
(disconnected by remote server - usually after 300 seconds) sooner or 
later Delegate receives ERROR on one or more connections. When this 
happens Delegate usually disconnects client. And this will happen 
always if one of the operations on one of the servers takes more than 
300 seconds (the shortest timeout period on one of those 6 mounted 

Similar problem happens if one of the 6 servers is down. Delegate will 
report NO STREAM on that server and stop processing the client痴 

I am using Delegate 6.0.9 on Win2K workstation. 

NNTP clients that I have tried were: MS Outlook Express and Forte Agent 

Here is my configuration (same parameters might be wierd, but I was 
trying to prevent the described behavior):

delegate.exe -P119 SERVER=3Dnntp -v SHARE=3D"" 
SOCKS=3D192.168.50.254:1080:*:* CONNECT=3Dcache,socks MAXIMA=3Dnntpcc:1 
MAXIMA=3Ddelegated:4 CACHE=3Ddo RES_NS=3D192.168.50.254:1080//193.189.160.=
NNTPCONF=3D"upact:86400/00000/00X,nice:1,nntpcc:0,xover:499" MOUNT=3D"b.* 
nntp://* cache=3Dno-overview,hide=3D{*,!*.public.*}" 
MOUNT=3D"s.* nntp://* cache=3Dno-
overview,hide=3D{*,!*.public.*}" MOUNT=3D"ms.* 
nntp://* cache=3Dno-
overview,hide=3D{*,!*.public.*}" MOUNT=3D"fm.* 
nntp://* cache=3Dno-overview,ro" MOUNT=3D"chami.* 
nntp://* cache=3Dno-overview" MOUNT=3D"delegate.* 
nntp://* cache=3Dno-overview" MOUNT=3D"si.* 
nntp://* cache=3Dno-

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