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[DeleGate-En] MS-IE for Internet downloads
15 Feb 2000 23:27:08 GMT Horia Georgescu <>

Hi, I'm not sure if this is a general problem, but it is happening quite   
constantly in our company:
We are using DeleGate as a http and ftp proxy. We've used the version   
5.9.13, and now trying (with apparently no problems) 6.0.9. MS Internet   
Explorer can be used just fine on any web site (http), including However it can hardly be used with ftp sites (ftp)   
including It is constantly timing out.
There is no problem when using Netscape. We are using MSIE 4 and 5.

Any feedback appreciated.

Horia Georgescu

PS: regarding the reference manual for version 6.1 it is definitely a big   

I have still something to understand from the old manual:
The typical configuration design is given like this:

                                 <internal>   #  <firewall>   #   
                                              #               #
     P client -> SPECIALIST -+      [A]       #      [B]      # +-> P   
                *protocol P  +-> GENERALIST --+-> GENERALIST -+-+
                             |  *without DNS  #  *with DNS    # |
     Q client -> SPECIALIST -+  *with cache   #  *accept [A]  # +-> Q   
                *protocol Q                   #   only        #
                *JIS code conv.               #               #
Since I started using DeleGate, I was always using just the Specialist   
configuration (as a typical http proxy) on one single machine (the   
firewall) without any cache. No Generalists involved.
Recently I've created the cache directory which enabled caching for the   
this proxy. Everything seems to work fine, and the cache is deleted   
through a cron job attached to the same process.

I tried to relate my experience to the figure above, where there is a   
Generalist involved in caching. I don't have that Generalist, I'm not   
sure if and when would be required, and if running two Delegate processes   
on the same machine, one as Specialist and the other one as Generalist   
would make any difference, and if it would do, which would be that one.

Sorry for the long PS...

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