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[DeleGate-En] Delegate 6.0.9alpha on WinNT/2K problems/bugs/suggestion
13 Feb 2000 11:59:19 GMT "Matej Mihelic" <>


I have tried to replace our current proxy with Delegate and I stumbled over
some roadblocks. Here they are:

*** NNTP specialist problem (in versions 6.0.9 and 5.9.13):

If I try to request a large number ob articles over a slow link I'll always
receive "Server: 503 Timeout after 300 seconds, closing connection..". This
happens in the middle of a working session (while Delegate is reading from
server or sending data to client)

I have - at least I hope so - found the problem in the following line:

nntp.c:4995 int CC_TIMEOUT_NNTP = 300;

I have found no way to override this built in value. TIMEOUT=nntpcc:9000 has
no apparent affect.

*** Severe NT performance problem while increasing number of concurrent
connection to any kind of Delegate server/proxy process. (version 6.0.9)

Delegate seems to find "ghost" problems that do not really happen and tries
to retry the operation after a random and increasing delay. The performance
is improved a lot by setting all delays to 0 (DELAY=unknown:0,
DELAY=reject:0). I have no idea why but I was able to reproduce it on three
systems with WinNT4SP6a, Win2K and Win98SE2.

*** Two enhancement suggestions for CFI filters:

1) I have a CFI filter, that should process all text/html files smaller (or
larger) than 10000bytes. It would greatly increase the performance, if I
could specify this limit in the CFI definition instead of checking in the
CGI program. Perhaps you could add two more rules to the CFI parser:


User should be able to specify only one or both values (so one could check
for >,< and between).

2) It would be easy to create an efficient a "JunkBuster" CFI filter if I
could specify search rule for the entire requested URL. With "Req-Url" I can
scan the "path" part, but I have found no way (beside a CGI program) to scan
the "host name" (I was testing on a HTTP/PROXY). I would really like to find
all hosts with names containing "ad.", "ads.", ".images." and similar.

Perhaps some kind of generic search over header fields - as simple list of
word that must appear on the same line (AND) - would be the best solution:

Content-Type: text/plain
Header-Find: MIME 1.0
Header-Find-Not: Encoding gzip
Header-Find-Not: Encoding deflate

Would match all text/html documents that contain header line with words
"MIME" and "1.0" and do not contain header line with "Encoding" and "gzip"
or "Encoding" and "deflated".

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