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[DeleGate-En] Filetypes
04 Feb 2000 20:00:50 GMT Roman Jemets <>

This is repost of original correspondence as of 04/Feb/2000:

Would you mind sending your question to ?
I'd like to open and share any feedback on DeleGate to make both you
and me be happy. (See

 |I write this with respect to the work you've performed
 |to create such a great product like Delegate.
 |It is very stable and robust software and we use it as a
 |general proxy server for our little (about 25 computers) network under
 |FreeBSD operating system.
 |Alhough Delegate is a very functional program, it lacks one small,
 |but very demanded future:
 |when working as a http server it doesn't recognize *.pac files as a 
 |browser autoconfiguration scripts thus returning a wrong document type
 |to the browser itself. Microsoft Internet Explorer ignores this document
 |type when downloading such a script, but Netscape Communicator refuses
 |to accept such configuration.
 |Looking around this problem I found that there exists an array 
 |(static char *dflt_filetypes[]) in file filetype.c, where all known file
 |types are defined.
 |I modified this source file to include an additional definition 
 |(".pac    :0 :PAC :text       :application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig" after
 |*.dll file type line), recompiled and got program working correctly for
 |But, the reason for writing this letter to you is in demand to
 |include such definition in the original source tree.
 |This wouldn't force me to do such a change every time I donwload the
 |newest version (which are coming very often :)) and will allow
 |other users to benefit from such a feature.
 |I think, it won't take too much time to make this change in the next
 |coming version.
 |Thanks in advance.
 |Roman Jemets,
 |System Administrator, 



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