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[DeleGate-En] not able to pass ftp requests through ht
02 Feb 2000 14:25:42 GMT Horia Georgescu <>

my last questions were left without any echo, still I'm trying a new one:

This is the startup script i'm using for running a http proxy:
/usr/local/etc/delegated5.9.13 -vd -P199.199.199.199:8088 \
SERVER=http://-/-/ \
PERMIT="*:*:*" \
REMITTABLE="http,https,gopher,ftp,wais" \
LOGDIR="/logs/delegate" \

from what I recall seing in some previous version a web browser   
attempting to open was able to pass through   
delegate. Testing again this feature I'm getting request timeout and in   
delegated log there is no evidence of what is happening even if running   
with debug on.

Any hint, please?

Horia Georgescu  

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