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DeleGate/6.0.9 -- bug fix
  01/18-15:04 . 0680 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the release of DeleGate/6.0.9 available at: SITE: FILE: delegate6.0.9.tar.gz DATE: Jan 18 14:15 JST 2000 SIZE: 887474 bytes MD5: c
DeleGate/5.9.10 -- emergent service stop on fatal signals (intrusion!?)
  01/21-07:56 . 0681 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [42]
___ Thank you for your report. The problem seems the one fixed in DeleGate/6.0.9. <URL:> A patch for 5.9.12 about the problem is also distribute
DeleGate/5.9.13 -- bug fix for porting
  01/21-16:35 . 0682 (Yutaka Sato) [28]
___ Dear conservative users :-), I inform you of the release of DeleGate/5.9.13 available at: SITE: FILE: delegate5.9.13.tar.gz DATE: Jan 21 15:48 JST 2000 SIZE: 833580
How to remove NT Service?
  01/22-03:04 . 0683  Larry Arnold <> [7]
___ Each time I run Delegated it installs itself in the registry on winnt sp5. How do I remove the delegate service after it has installed? I now have several versions in the service list. Thanks in adv
SSLWay, and Failed "accept" response
  01/26-04:41 . 0684  Eden Lynn <> [11]
___ Does anyone know "WHY" SSLWay always displays an "accept" failed, when you are using Delegate as a proxy gateway. If you have Netscape's client SSL proxy settings pointing to Delegate e.g Delegate -
  01/27-18:37 . 0685  Horia Georgescu <> [74]
___ Hello, Please help in a digital certificate matter. I'm not sure how the certificate determines the kind of encryption used between a server and a client over a SSL connection. Specifically, I'm cre
Is there a way to redirect SMTP mail ?
  01/29-19:10 . 0686  Deckert Florian <> [21]
___ Hi, I'm a new user of delegate (on UNIX). I use the POP/SMTP functions, and I'm looking for rewriting the MX part of outgoing mail. It is something like * -> *@intranet.sopra but I found t
not able to pass ftp requests through ht
  02/02-23:25 . 0687  Horia Georgescu <> [84]
___ Hi, my last questions were left without any echo, still I'm trying a new one: This is the startup script i'm using for running a http proxy: /usr/local/etc/delegated5.9.13 -vd -P199.199.199.199:8088
not able to pass ftp requests throug
  02/02-23:58 . 0688  Horia Georgescu <> [104]
___ Just had the idea to switch the web browser from ie5 to netscape. I was able to reach one of the unreachable before ftp sites. I looks like it has something to do with the browser. If any more probl
  02/05-05:00 . 0689  Roman Jemets <> [48]
___ This is repost of original correspondence as of 04/Feb/2000: Would you mind sending your question to ? I'd like to open and share any feedback on DeleGate to make both
Offshore Wealth!!!
  02/07-10:34 . 0690 [116]
___ Hi, キ I just want you to take a quick look at this PHENOMENAL, One of a kind, 100% legal - PRIVATE OFFSHORE Wealth Building Program. キ It's a PRIVATE BY-INVITATION-ONLY CLUB, where many of us are
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