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[DeleGate-En] Delegate to encrypt, and decrypt data
16 Jan 2000 23:18:18 GMT "Maxwell N. Andrews" <>


Does anyone know of a Delegate/SSLWay configuration, that will allow a
client connecting to a delegate server (via Netscape proxy) to connect to
ANOTHER Delegate server, so that the data stream between the client and the
first Delegate server is encrypted. The data stream between the two Delegate
servers is clear text, or NULL-MD5. Then the data stream from the last
server is encrypted onto the internet. Basically I need a configuration of:

Proxy Client ---> SSL Delegate Server ----> Cleartext ---->Some Data
Scanner ----> SSL Delegate Server ----> Internet Gateway ---->

The idea is to scan the decrypted SSL data then send it on it's way.
I am using a self signed certificate.



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