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[DeleGate-En] I think I have found a little bug
16 Dec 1999 13:29:52 GMT "Thomas Heidkamp" <>

First I must say, that delegate is realy a fantastic product.
I have configured it under Linux (Slackware 3.6) and I use it

It is stable and fast. !!!!!! Quite good.

But here is the little bug :

I am using the following string for the following Config : TCPRELAY !!!!

Server(a) a.a.a.a ------------> delegate ----------------------> b.b.b.b Server(b)

also back like 

Server (a) a.a.a.a < ---------------- delegate <----------------- b.b.b.b Server (b)

 and also 

Server (c) c.c.c.c --------------------> delegate -----------------> d.d.d.d Server (d)

Alll the Server must communicate over the Port 1352 because they are Notes Server.

Here my Config:

delegated -P1352   SERVER=tcprelay://a.a.a.a:1352:-:b.b.b.b \

Ok, everythink works but not at the same time:

When a.a.a.a calls b.b.b.b on Port 1352 then Server(a) gets the connect to Server(b).
Which I can see in the log.

When now c.c.c.c calls d.d.d.d on port 1352 then the port is busy.

When now a.a.a.a connected with b.b.b.b gets a timeout or hangup,
then the port 1352 on delegate is not busy any more and I am able
to connect from c.c.c.c to d.d.d.d on port 1352.

Normaly I must be able to connect not only one time exclusive to one port like
in my case 1352.

I think every connection must be done parallel at the same time !!!



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