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Does DeleGate allow TCP splitting or Spoofing ?
  08/25-01:28 . 0560  "Julien Godard" <> [30]
___ By splitting I mean to cut one TCP connection into 2 TCP connections (on 2 different networks for example) TCP SRC <---TCP connection---> TCP host TCP SRC <---TCP 1--->TCP virtual host ヲ DeleGate
  08/25-03:52 . 0561 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ will relay TCP connection after accepting at vhost:xxxx then connecting to host:xxxx. But maybe this is not what you need... If I can understand why you need it and if I think it is not a rare case.
DeleGate and HTTP POST
  08/28-02:04 . 0562  CJB <> [15]
___ I have a fairly standard DeleGate setup (no special options, just a standard HTTP proxy), and so far it seems to be working great except when I try to submit a form that uses POST. When I attempt to
cfi doesn't compile?
  08/28-05:31 . 0563  David Barber <> [13]
___ I have apparently successfully compiled Delegate. I can start it up and use it to access remote sites. But the compilation did not produce a CFI program. The compilation only produced a cfi.o file.
Delegate and TCP/IP version on OS/2
  08/28-15:51 . 0564  Kris Kadela <> [8]
___ What is the minimum TCP/IP version required for DeleGate on OS/2? Here, it will not run unless I install MPTS fix 86xx. I do not wan't to run this fix since it is very unstable. Can DeleGate run wit
DeleGate and HTTP POST
  08/29-15:35 . 0565 (Yutaka Sato) [49]
___ I don't know a setup with which I can make DeleGate hang on POST method, and I've not heard a problem about POST with recent version of DeleGate. Thus I'd like to hear followings to figure out what
Delegate and TCP/IP version on OS/2
  08/29-23:27 . 0566 (Yutaka Sato) [55]
___ I have no experience on OS/2 but I thinke the enclosed message may be something helpful for you. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Divisi
DeleGate and HTTP POST
  08/30-03:26 . 0567  CJB <> [69]
___ Thanks for your reply. After tinkering with it a bit more, I was able to figure out what was causing it to hang on a POST command, although I'm still not sure exactly why. I had a FTOSV filter setup
  08/30-05:36 . 0568 (Yutaka Sato) [115]
___ If you are using FTOSV with CFI script, the reason of the problem is simple. POST request throught CFI is not supported yet. I enclosed a patch to support it. I could not reproduce what you say with
  08/30-06:35 . 0569  CJB <> [16]
___ Thanks, I probably should have mentioned that I was using FTOSV in my original message. [snip] Don't I feel stupid... I forgot to use sslway. It's working great now. Thanks for all your help!
cfi doesn't compile?
  08/30-08:06 . 0570 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ There is no "CFI executable" which is separated from DeleGate executable. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical La
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