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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate. Problem with SOCKSv5 with IPv6 addresses
25 Mar 2016 10:31:05 GMT Viktor Eremin <>


I have a strange problem with SOCKSv5 proxy when its using IPv6 address.

My config is

So, by this config I'm connecting to socks5 proxy from my IPv4 address and I want to connect to IPv6 address of the site (for example It works nice, But if I want to connect to some site which do not have any IPv6 address then it working too. Proxy tries to connect with its IPv4 address (, but as you can see I used RES_AF=6 only. So, as I thought DeleGate should use only IPv6 addresses and if there is no IPv6 address of the site, so connection will be refused.

HTTPS proxy working the same way but I don't have any trouble with them (RES_AF=6 + SERVER=http let me connect only to IPv6 addresses of the sites in the same scenario).

So, can you give me a hint how can I configure socks5 to connect ONLY to sites with IPv6 addresses?
therefor any connection via socks to IPv4 address of any site will be refused

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