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[DeleGate-En] Http -> Ftp server return 450 Non-existing
04 Feb 2010 15:25:05 GMT "Mathieu Pasture" <>



I am trying to to provide a http front-end to a ftp(s) server.


Browser  ---- http ------> Delegate ------ftp ----> ftp server


I have done quite a lot of trial but basically here is the command line I


delegated -fv -P2229 SERVER=http OWNER="nobody/nogroup" MOUNT="/*
ftp://myserver/*" ADMIN="infra@infra" DGROOT=/mnt/delegate
MYAUTH="%U:%P:ftp" AUTHORIZER="-any"


The server is properly connected in ftp and the authentication seems to be
ok but I get a delegate error page saying : 450 Non-existing file FTP/HTTP


My ftp server is configured to use different home per user. 


Do you have any idea?


Thanks a lot in advance!!


Mathieu Pasture

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