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using certificate credentials for SFTP
  09/18-18:10 . 4570 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
___ Hi, DeleGate for sftp/FTP gateway simply invokes the sftp command to communicate with the SFTP/SSH server. So if you (or the runtime owner of your DeleGate) have configuration for sftp (or ssh) to u
  09/18-23:33 . 4571 [64]
___ Thanks! I'll give it a try. --- Original Message --- From: "Yutaka Sato" <> To: Cc: Sent: Friday, September 18, 2
how to implement SNI on https? detailed instruction please.
  09/19-18:12 . 4572 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
___ Hi, Again I must ask why you use MITM for your usage (that I'm not sure yet). STLS=mitm only makes sense in a client-side visible HTTP proxy (referred by clients as a SSLtnuuel with the CONNECT meth
  09/21-09:29 . 4573  David Wang <> [148]
___ Hi Yutaka, STLS=mitm is followed by your notes, after your explanation, yes, we should configure it to be STLS=fcl. Yes, I know the SNI should be supported by browser as well. we are using Firefox 3
  09/21-13:57 . 4574 (Yutaka Sato) [64]
___ The following is a simple way to test SNI with DeleGate. 1) run a DeleGate as a HTTPS/SSL server % delegated -P9999 -fv SERVER=https STLS=fcl TLSCONF=-vd 2) access the server from a HTTPS/SSL client
  09/21-14:31 . 4575  David Wang <> [443]
___ Does 9.9.3 support it? and how can I re-compile it with openssl0.9.8g? what i did is downloading the ssl lib from, uncompress it a
  09/23-10:26 . 4576  David Wang <> [175]
___ Hi Yutaka, Did you receive my reply on that same day? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, David
DeleGate as a caching NNTP server
  09/23-19:38 . 4577 (Yutaka Sato) [1212]
___ Hi, It has been so long since I stopped using DeleGate as a NTTP/NNTP caching proxy (or a server merging proxy) ... In these days I use the NNTP proxy feature only for NNTP/HTTP gateway in which Del
how to implement SNI on https? detailed instruction please.
  09/23-19:45 . 4578 (Yutaka Sato) [14]
___ I recommend you to do the test steps from 1) to 4) I wrote. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> ( ~ ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science a
POP3 Filtering Issue
  09/24-04:08 . 4579  Patrick Chee <> [133]
___ What is it about this following that delegate chokes on after being processed thru a message filter? *Return-Path:* <<
  09/24-08:27 . 4580 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ Here was something looks like a message header I can't understand. I'm not sure how you are using DeleGate and what happend with the filter. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> http
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