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[DeleGate-En] Re: DeleGate: question regarding the PROTOLOG parameters
04 Jul 2009 18:23:13 GMT "Kopplinger, Andreas" <>


thank you for the fast reply! 
With ":format" and "%{field}", i am refering to the following part of the DeleGate Manpages. 

I would like to add some of these parameters to PROTOLOG='${LOGDIR}/Protolog_${PORT}.${PROTO}[date+.%d]' command. 

HTTP Transfer Log Format

      The format of PROTOLOG for HTTP protocol can be modified with a optional format specification postfixed after the LogFilename as PROTOLOG="LogFilename:format". In this case, default file name can be omitted. For example, PROTOLOG=":%X" specifies making a NCSA like extended common logfile format. The default format is PROTOLOG=":%C %D".

            %C	-- common logfile format of CERN-HTTPD
            %c	-- same as %C except the date is recorded in millisecond precision
            %D	-- extension by DeleGate (connTime+relayTime:status)
            %X	== '%C "%r" "%u"' common logfile format with Referer and User-Agent
            %r	-- Referer field in the request message
            %u	-- User-Agent field in the request message
            %S	-- status of CONNECTion to the server (c,m,p,d,s,v)
            %s	-- session Id by HTTPCONF=session
            %As	-- session Id in Digest Authorization
            %{field}	-- arbitrary field in the request message 

Thank you again for your help!

Kind regards

-----Original Message-----
From: Yutaka Sato []
Sent: Sa 7/4/2009 00:58
Cc: Kopplinger, Andreas
Subject: Re: [DeleGate-En] DeleGate: question regarding the PROTOLOG parameters

In message <> on 07/03/09(22:37:37)
you "Kopplinger, Andreas" <> wrote:
 |I have a question regarding the PROTOLOG parameters. 
 |At the moment, the startscript contains the following:
 |It would like to use some of the format parameters but im
 |confused of the usage of ' " { and so on. 

The quote <'> and double quote <"> does not have meaning and unnecessary
to represent a parameter value in DeleGate.
It just necessary when you pass a parameter to DeleGate via your command
shell (as sh or csh), and when the parameter contains reserved characters
of your command shell to be escaped with quote or double quote.
For example, in the following command line:

  delegated MOUNT="/* /*" LOGFILE='${PORT}'

if without quotes, your DeleGate will receive strange list of arguments
broken or substituted (by "*", "$" or "{" ) depending on your shell and
environment variables.
If you pass these parameters directly to DeleGate, via a parameter file
as follows, you can omit these quotes, params (1) and (2) are equivalent.

  delegated +=params

    MOUNT="/* /*"

    MOUNT=/* /*

Except for including a simple parameter list with "+=" like above,
DeleGate does not have its own configuration language and it is expected
to be complemented with the script language like command shell or so of
each user's favor, and it is supposed that each user has enough knowledge
(like quotation and substitution) on his/her own script language.

 |How to combine the string above with the :format. 
 |If you can give me an example which contains a %{field} parameter,
 |this would be great. 

I'm not sure what ":format" and "%{field}" means.

  9 9   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( ~ )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

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