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How to filter based on separate server names?
  04/16-14:49 . 0430  "Simon Bennett" <> [28]
___ How do I set up a number of filters to perform different actions based on the server names. I can set up CMAP entries on the command line like: CMAP=/opt/dgate/oze.cfi:FTOCL:http:**
DeleGate on OS/2
  04/20-15:00 . 0431 [14]
___ I trying to run delegate using OS/2 Warp 4.0 fixpack 9. No matter what I do I get the following errors: 04/20 00:57:03.31 [165] 0+0: TMPFILE = (3) /tmp/delegate/dg165.1.924587823 04/20 00:57:03.90 [
GUI Windows FTP Client
  04/20-19:43 . 0432  Mohammad Rizal Othman <> [5]
___ Hi, Does anybody know of a GUI Windows FTP clients that works well with DeleGate?
Cache directories are mode 0777
  04/22-14:59 . 0433  Louis Mandelstam <> [43]
___ Good day - [please CC me on any responses] I'm busy testing Delegate 5.9.1 for use on our systems as an FTP caching proxy. Something which bothers me is that the cache directories are all creates as
Limiting FTP cache disk usage
  04/22-15:31 . 0434  Louis Mandelstam <> [23]
___ A second question from me: I need to be able to specify a maximum amount of disk space that will be occupied by the FTP cache. EXPIRE doesn't seem to be suitable, and a cron job of my own would stil
SSH telnet?
  04/22-20:11 . 0435  "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [11]
___ Hi All, I've just got a winnt telnet client prog: ZOC 3.11. With it I can connect to our linux server with ssh. But, what to do, if I want to go over the firewall with ssh? [Delegate/telnet proxy is
transparent proxy from one delegate server to another delegate server
  04/23-07:43 . 0436  yossman <> [30]
___ i'm trying to set up a scenario where one delegate server on an intranet contacts my master delegate server on my backbone network, transparently. visually, this breaks down as such: intranet-node m
transparent http proxy relay intranet to backbone - one solution found
  04/23-10:27 . 0437  yossman <> [46]
___ in case anyone else was wondering... if you use delegate's tcprelay feature, it seems to work fine for the application i listed previously to this list. command-line on the intranet-delegate (10.0.0
Delegate cache viewer for winxx
  04/23-14:54 . 0438  "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [19]
___ Hi All, a few weeks ago I asked you how can I view files stored in the http cache. Here is a little program which runs under windows 9x/nt. If you have access to Delegate's http cache directory (via
Password Authorization
  04/24-03:17 . 0439  "Ron DeKoker" <> [4]
___ I need to set up a proxy server for nntp. Username/password autorization has to be done on the proxy for about 150 users. How do I get DeleGate to do this?
Delegate 5.9.1 comments
  04/29-18:37 . 0440  Louis Mandelstam <> [31]
___ Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone on the list is going to respond to my two questions. The first message points out a definite (though small) bug and asks about a specific design decision. (
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