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[DeleGate-En] Delegated command line
09 Apr 1999 00:00:27 GMT Mario Lobo <>

I am a teacher/network supervisor here at the American School of 
Recife - Brazil.
Here we have the following setup                

  (1)                          (2)               (3)
Novell 4.11       TCP/IP     FreeBSD 2.2.8    ISP FreeBSD 
IPX/IP gateway   ------>>    IPFW    -------> Squid cache / proxy

I want Delagated to run on machine (2), to colect HTTP / FTP packets 
from / to the Novell Gateway and forward them to the ISP squid proxy. 
No caching to be done by Delegated.                                   

What would be the command line to run Delegated this way ? Can it run 
on the same machine the firewall is in?

The way I have now, the browsers are configured go directly to the ISP cache
(which really speeds things up), and all my machine (1) logs only show
requests to ISP cache URL, which means that the cache URL is what goes to
the log file, no matter what URL the user is acctually requesting. 

I want to disable the cache on the browser and let Delegated on machine (2)
make the requests to the ISP cache (squid). That way, the ISP cache request
would be done at machine (2), allowing machine (1) to log the real URLs.

I want to thank you for your attention and I hope you have the time 
to answer this. It is important to our school.

Best regards,
Mario Lobo 

*** Mario Lobo - 
*** American School of Recife

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