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ftp/tls +PASV +NAT
  06/12-04:56 . 4000  Darin Perusich <> [34]
___ Hello, I've read a few post on the mail-list about ftp/ssl connection timeouts when trying to establish passive connections to an ftp/tls server behind a firewall, though I don't believe these addre
  06/15-18:14 . 4001 (Yutaka Sato) [45]
___ First, if possible, you shoud setup your client to use EPSV instread of PASV. Unlike PASV, the EPSV response does not include the address of the FTP server but only shows the port number, like "229
  06/17-05:14 . 4003  Darin Perusich <> [28]
___ The server I'm connecting to doesn't support EPSV mode so this won't work. They are running a rather old version of WS_FTP. I tried setting this but it didn't make any difference, the connection sti
  06/17-10:06 . 4004 (Yutaka Sato) [63]
___ The command for data-connection establishment is hop-by-hop thus the command with the server is independent from the one with the client. For example, it can be EPSV with client and PASV with the se
delegate 9.7.7 and io timeout
  07/03-10:48 . 4005 [37]
___ Hello, At first, Many thanks for your great product! Few days ago, I updated delegate from 8.5.9 to 9.7.7. Then I found that ftp timeout (TIMEOUT=io:0) seems not working correctly. In delegate log ,
  07/03-15:41 . 4006 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
___ Hi, I confirmed FTP-DeleGate acts like you described since 9.2.2-pre1 in which I supported the abortion of the data transfer on FTP (ABOR command). It must be called a bug and will be fixed as the e
pop / imap mounting problems
  07/14-21:07 . 4007  "Soenke J. Peters" <> [32]
___ Hi, I tried your delegate proxy as a protocol translator between pop3/imap4 and http. When using delegated -v -P8080 SERVER=http MOUNT="/mail/* imap://*" and trying to access http:/
Proxying sftp client to ftp sever (SERVER=sftp)
  07/14-23:12 . 4008  "Jean Aumont" <> [185]
___ Hi, I am currently looking to proxy an sftp client to an ftp server. From my research on the "Delegate" mailing list, article: it seem that this
pop / imap mounting problems
  07/15-13:23 . 4009 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Hi, IMAP over HTTP is not supported. You can suppress the intepretation of "@" in username or password in the Basic authentication by escaping it to "%40" with the following option. HTTPCONF=passesc
Proxying sftp client to ftp sever (SERVER=sftp)
  07/15-15:07 . 4010 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ Hi, Unfortunately, DeleGate does not support it. I don't know what is better in sftp than ftp... If you need encryption or verification of data transfer over FTP, you can wrap FTP with SSL (using De
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