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[DeleGate-En] Re: Timeout issues
30 Jan 2006 21:35:59 GMT Gertjan Klein <>


>The delay seems to be caused just to convert IPv6 address from symbolic
>representation like ":::::::" to its binary representation.
>Maybe it is delayed in inet_aton() or inet_pton(), and maybe the protocol
>interpreter invoked when the connection is accepted via your VPN does not
>interpret it.  I did not suppose such case when I supported IPv6 in

Perhaps it could be the nameserver of the company I connect to?

>IPv6 can be disabled at the compilation time by selecting socket libraries.
>For the time being, try pre2dbg5.exe with disalbed initialzation for

Excellent! That works! Thanks very much for your persistent support. If
you're interested, you can find the log file of a successfull connect

Are you considering making disabling IPv6 support a commandline switch
rather than a compile-time option in the future?

Again, thank you very much!
Gertjan Klein <>

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