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[DeleGate-En] Re: Timeout issues
30 Jan 2006 18:09:26 GMT Gertjan Klein <>


Thanks again for your help!

>If the log fragment is right before "{R} RES_order(CFDS,CFNDS)",
>it can be in the intialization in main().
>I uploaded an executable at
>which will show us more detailed trace in initialization.

I have tried this executable with the following commandline:

dg9_0_6-pre2dbg1.exe -v -P8080 RES_DEBUG="-1" -W4 RESOLV=sys SERVER=http
  FSV=sslway DGROOT="c:/program files/delegate"

However, when trying to connect (both with and without VPN present), I
get the error page:

<TITLE> Forbidden </TITLE>
<H2>Forbidden by DeleGate</H2>
Forbidden by DeleGate on `?'.
Tried from


As far as I can make out from the rest of the page, my commandline
parameters should be ok (they are the same as for the previous
executable, which is dg9_0_3.exe). (I have also tried to change
PERMIT="*:*:*" to PERMIT="*:*:?", with the same result.)

The log file, including initialisation and attempt to connect, can be
found here:

Do I need to add or change any of my commandline parameters?

Gertjan Klein <>

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