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[DeleGate-En] Deleagte as http proxy over ssh-tunnel from windows to linux
15 Jan 2006 17:29:50 GMT Peter Wimmer <>


i have a problem. I'm trying delegate for some days now and I can't make 
a connection from windows to linux with delegate over a ssh-tunnel.

My problem is: on the linux system i need delegate as a http-proxy. The 
only connection to the linux box i can establish from windows is over a 
ssh. For the ssh-connection i use putty.

I tried the following (all files are in c:\delegate):

  c:\delegate\dg8_11_5.exe -P8888 TUNNEL=tty7:tunnel.shio DATAPATH="C:\delegate" LIBPATH="C:\delegate" 

and this is "tunnel.shio":

  #### A script to establish a DeleGate tunnel on SSH
  #### HostR: a remote host running sshd
  #### Path: a directory where delegated exists on HostR
  o c:\Programme\Putty\putty.exe -load tunnelconnection\n
  i READY\r\n

the putty command starts a connection to the remote host and starts 
delegate on the remote host :

  bin/delegated SERVER=tunnel1

i tried the putty command line on CLI and it built up the connection and 
started delegate on the remote host.

I think I'm missing something fundamental. Has anyone a configuration 
which works from windows to linux with putty as the ssh-client on the 
windows side?
If so, i would be very thankful for any advice...


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