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[DeleGate-En] basic install issue for delegate
06 Jan 2006 00:31:49 GMT "Chris King" <>

I apologize for the silly question, but I seem to be unabel to properly
install this (8.11.5) on Windows XP.

I downloaded from and
when I  run the executable it extracts files to C;|Program Files\Delegate,
but doesn't seem to have much in the folders. There is no "delegated" to
run to try and start it up, and no service installed.

The install.txt file is copied below, but doens't seem to help me out. Can
you help a fool who is interested in your project, but is stuck at square


Excerpt from Install.txt:

2. Creating an executable of DeleGate

  Expand, extract and and make as follows:

    % gzip -d < delegateX.Y.Z.tar.gz | tar xfv -
    % cd delegateX.Y.Z
    % make

  Your E-mail address will be asked at the beginning of the make.
  After the make finished, the executable is left as "src/delegated"

3. Setting up the run-time files of DeleGate (OPTIONAL)

  Install optional subsidiary components if necessary.
  You can postpone this until you encounter the necessity.

  (All of run-time files of DeleGate are placed under the directory referred
  as "DGROOT".  The default location of DGROOT is $HOME/delegate/ for
  normal users on Unix, while it is "\Program Files\DeleGate" on MS-Windows.
  The DGROOT directory is created automatically if it does not exist.)

    - DGROOT/lib/{sslway, server.pem, ...} -- to enable SSL encoding/decoding
    - DGROOT/lib/gzip -- to enable gzip encoding/decoding on HTTP
    - DGROOT/lib/lib*.so.* -- to enable chroot
    - DGROOT/subin/{dgpam, dgchroot, dgbind} -- to achieve privileged
                           by DeleGate of normal users <subin/README_SUBIN>

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