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[DeleGate-En] news proxy expire - how ?
06 Jul 2005 18:20:00 GMT "damir" <>

I was install delegate for nt with folowing options:

dg.exe -P119 SERVER=nntp EXPIRE=30d CRON="0 * * * * -expire 30d" MOUNT="=
nntp://" CACHE=do DGROOT="D:\"

Well everything is fine , but now my disk is full (80 gb) and delegate stop
to work ... then I must delete some files under cashe directories manualy
and restar delegate ... then everything is fine till next time ...
I was watch expire log and there is no evidence that delegate delete old
files ...
Does delegate delete files older than EXPIRE parameter (30 days) , or I must
do this manualy?

Here is log:
2005/00/00-00:00:0X [18036] D:\/ -rm -atime
30d -sum
2005/00/00-00:00:0X [18036] D:\/ 138687808 blk,
724 dir, 155850 reg, 0 rem (0 blk), 0 err, 30 sec

Line  0 rem (0 blk),  says that is 0 files removed?
Maybe I install with wrong parameters? If is true how to do right install?

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