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[DeleGate-En] Tunnel over HTTP PROXY???
20 Apr 2004 00:31:26 GMT Jose Maria Sarachaga <>

Hi Yutaka! Hi list!

I've been looking for this case in the list archive
but no responses are made, are those solved?

I need to make direct connections like TELNET or
SSH(hopefully SSH, but for now i would be very happy
with TELNET) between points A and B.

- Point B has full access to internet, any address and
any port.

- Point A has only acces through HTTP PROXY

I have tried to connect to SSH server through HTTP
PROXY (Squid once, and the one at point A) with no
success, so im looking for an option in Delegate.

I can do anything on both computers, maybe install 2
Delegates on both points.

So my question is: Can Delegate make a TUNNEL or
forward of between arbitrary ports (say 22 <-> 22 or
emulate a SOCKS proxy or whatever) where the only
channel between 2 points is an HTTP PROXY?

       TCP 22 <--- HTTP PROXY 80 ---> TCP 22

I havent used Delegate for this purpose, only as a
standard proxy once, but surely it has some feature or
workaround :P

Thanks in advance!
Jose Maria Sarachaga

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