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[DeleGate-En] Issues with SSLway
22 Feb 2004 21:20:00 GMT Chris Hills <>

Good Morning

 We are having issues with our Delegate server 8.9.1. Installed deleagate
server and is up and runining. Installed SSLeay-0.9.0b and make the SSLway

 Our config is

 /home/delegate/delegate8.9.1/src/delegated \
-P1080 \
FCL=sslway \
SERVER=https \
ADMIN="helpdesk-nz@test.." \
MOUNT="/share* http://share* <http://share*> " \
MOUNT="/stock* http://stock/stock* <http://stock/stock*> " \
MOUNT="/test* http://test/test* <http://test/test*> " \
MOUNT="/webmail** <*>
" \
MOUNT="/* http://intranet/* <http://intranet/*> " \
OWNER=delegate \
DGROOT=/home/delegate/delegate8.9.1 \
AUTH="proxy:auth" \
PERMIT="*:*:{*,!?}@*" \
z," \
REMITTABLE="https" \
RELAY=proxy \

We are getting a accept failed. 
Downloaded Openssl -0.9.7c and created certificates, openssl -newca, newreq
and sign options. ( Have attempted this will SSLway) placed the *pem files
in DGROOT/lib and placed the password *pas here too.

We can not seem to get a verified session using delegate, and sslway to a
browser. Debug mode simply tells us "accept denied", have searched this site
and only answer is REMITTABLE =http.

We need to have people whom browse on port 80 to go to 443 and only 443. 

Please can you help us resolve this issue


		Chris Hills (MCP+I) (MCSE) (CNE) (ASE) 
		Senior Engineer
		L1 Charles Luney House Christchurch
		Ph: +60 00 000000F
		Fax: +60 00 000000F 
		Mob: +64 0000 00000F 
		Web: < <> > 
* The might of our people equals the power of our company * 

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