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[DeleGate-En] Using Delegate in our company
11 Feb 2004 00:13:32 GMT "Mailer ADCD3" <>

Hello ,

I recently was looking for a subsitute for our old proxy for our company and run into delegate .
I installed it and tried to play with it also read all the instructions , on the surface it look like the exact thing we need and also solid rock program
not like all other progs out there . But eventough i read it all i find it a beat hard to configure it .

I manage to run it , after running it , it asking for parameters , admin then -p then server after typing parameters it runs 
I couldnt get it to run without the configurations start .

E.g : delegate.exe -p1080 server=socks
keeps getting unknown admin , and back to the command prompt 

It only workes great if going via to configuration mode e.g 

then it runs 

also couldnt quite understand what delegated means in the faqs .

What we need to achive is socks proxy and tcp relay(realay requests to otehr server) for 4 ports (80,443,3306,89)

Well aprucite any help on configuring the server .

With respects ,

Ran Hartal ,
System admin ,
ADCD systems

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