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Delegate SMTP filter question
  06/26-06:15 . 2310  "Gimenez Molinelli Federico" <> [149]
___ Hi, I've found Delegate on the web looking for a Windows SMTP proxy that could feed a message (with headers) to an external program, read that program's output and send that output to another SMTP s
transparent POP3 proxy forwarding without the user@host
  06/27-15:31 . 2311  Edwin Groothuis <> [48]
___ Hi, I need delegate to do pop3 forwarding, without doing to user@host command, so that we can do virusscanning for all email coming into our network. To set this up wasn't that much of a problem: Fr
Issue with Delegate 7.3x - 8.5.5
  06/28-08:36 . 2313  "Lobdell, Ian" <> [105]
___ Hello, I am currently running various versions of Delegate in my environment (slowly upgrading) I've come across this issue: When users are using webmail via the proxy server any url links in the do
FTP TLS Proxy Problem
  06/28-16:44 . 2314 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ Hi, I'm sorry that I've not made any response about the problem. The server of is going to be moved behind NAT and I encountered the problem using non-standard FTP port ;-) So I mad
Help: I need correct parameters for DeleGate
  06/30-22:46 . 2315  "Holger Schentke" <> [38]
___ Hello delegate-experts, thank you for your very good Reference Manual of DeleGate 8.5 But it doesn't help in my case. I'm using DeleGate 7.9.5 on Windows2000. It works fine, but I need a parameter t
  07/02-07:27 . 2316 (Yutaka Sato) [50]
___ Accepting gzip from server was supported in DeleGate/8.0.8 and several bugs have been fixed till the current version. So you should use the latest version. Where the error message is put? Is not the
Issue with Delegate 7.3x - 8.5.5
  07/02-07:40 . 2317 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
___ Could you show me the original form of this line? Could you show me a real example with which I can test the problem? Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
PGP - data conversation via DeleGate
  07/02-21:05 . 2318  Steffen Kaiser <> [18]
___ Hello, at the web page: there is a sentence (section "DATA CONVERSION"): "MIME/PGP encoding, decoding and verification (NNTP,SMTP,POP)" however, there is n
Pb with change from DG7.9.5 to DG8.5.5
  07/02-21:12 . 2319  "Kai Szymaniak" <> [31]
___ Hello! I'm using DeleGate 7.9.5 on Windows2000 for connecting to a special WebServer since a short period of time and it works just fine. But now I want to use gzip with DeleGate, so I decided to us
Issue with Delegate 7.3x - 8.5.5
  07/03-00:20 . 2320  "Lobdell, Ian" <> [73]
___ Yutaka, when using the standard mail client, the url is normal i.e. <a href=""></a> when using web mail via Delegate (proxy type=delegate) and they view
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