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[DeleGate-En] How to forward FTP traffic to FTP/HTTP proxy?
18 Mar 2003 17:50:26 GMT "Jirka Vejrazka" <>


 I'm using delegate for about 3 years as a simple FTP and HTTP proxy and I really like it. But now I need some advanced functionality.

  Is there a way to accept pure FTP requests (on port 21) and forward them to typical HTTP/FTP gateway working on port 80? I am trying to use some combination of FORWARD, MASTER and MOUNT parameters, but without success. Can anyone give me a hint whether this is possible or not?

  I have this scenario:

server1, where I have DeleGate, accepting FTP requests on port 21
server2, working as network proxy, works fine on port 80 for both HTTP and FTP when called from web browser

  I would appreciate some sample configuration for server1 that would forward reqests received on port 21 to server2's port 80, if its possible.

  Thank you in advance

  Jirka Vejrazka
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