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[DeleGate-En] Delgate
28 Feb 2003 18:02:58 GMT Schlueter <>

Dear Mr. Yutaka Sato!

By chance, I got in touch with your, I wanna call it "Proxy Suite" DeleGate.
Well, to be honest with you, it was very tricky for me to get it up and
running, even though I claim to be an experienced LINUX admin. The most
tricky point was to get detailed information, sample scripts etc. Most
things I got were in Japanese language and therefore more than hard to
understand for me...

But there ist one thing, that amazed and convinced me: DeleGate IS

Well, here in Germany I run a small, but not unimportant computer company,
specialized in (inter-) networking (consulting, installation, management)
und network securitity. As you might guess, my favourite operating system is
LINUX (never paid a cent to Billy Gates!) and most of my systems which I
installed for my customers are running on that OS.

Since I see a constantly growing interest in LINUX here in Germany and all
over the world, I wanna activly support LINUX.

And here comes my point: Are you interested in a partner here in western
Europe who operates a website which distributes DeleGate? Who answers
questions to users who are in trouble as I was in the beginning? ...And who
provides HOWTOS in English (maybe in German, too)?

Well, LINUX is meant for everyone! And therefore you might ask me for my
profit: Simple answer: I don't wanna make money, I just wanna make my
systems more secure  with DeleGate and therefore I have to know everything
on it!

What do you think?

I am looking forward to hear from you soon and remain

yours sincerely,

Karl-Heinz Schlüter

Computer & Telekommunikationstechnik Schlüter
Herzog-Otto-Straße 2B
83278 Traunstein

Tel:	+49-(0)000-000 00F
Fax:	+49-(0)000-000 00F
D2-Ruf:	+00-(0)000-0 00f 600

E-Mail: or

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