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[DeleGate-En] uri string based connmap ???
30 Jan 2003 12:21:45 GMT Francisco Perez Botella <>
Security Data S.L.


new to DeleGate.. look impressive..

I'm trying to build a tipical content filtering system, I was trying to avoid 
filter or CFI to scan and match the client request, I guess it impose a 
penalty in time response. Can I use some pattern matching syntax in 
dsthostlist  like to find some string (e.g games  bann or adv) in the uri ??

I'wondering as well how well DeleGate runs with limited ressources althought 
the best way to see is trying it of course... ;-)

Francisco Perez Botella         Director Ingenieria

Security Data S.L.

Elche Parque Industrial         Ramon y Cajal, 5
Tel: +30 000 000 00F  : Fax: +30 000 000 00F

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