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[DeleGate-En] Re: Understanding the statistics
23 Jan 2003 21:07:35 GMT Stephen Frost <>

Hi Yutaka,

Thank you for your very prompt response ... much appreciated!

> | Can anyone help me with information on "server-count"
> | and also the figures in the "load_average" sections?
> "server-count" means the number of server (child) processes invoked.
> A server process is invoked on demand and serves variable number of
> requests in its variable lifetime.
> In your case, 248 requests have been processed by 49 processes.
> "load_average" shows load average in RPM (requests per minutes) as
> "total-ave. (last-1minutes-ave. 5minutes 15minutes)" like "uptime"
> command on Unix.

As a suggestion for a future release, would it be possible
for the daemon to track:

  Number of requests served from HTTP/FTP cache
  Total number of requests


  Amount of data served from HTTP/FTP cache
  Total amount of data served

and express these as both raw data and also as a percentage?

This information would be very helpful both for confidence
in understanding the daemon's efficiency, and also for the
purpose of calculating savings on data transfer charges from
our ISP.

No need to respond to this email (unless this information is
already available in the Delegate package and I've just missed
it somehow).

Best regards, and thanks for a very helpful product,


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