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[DeleGate-En] 短嗤炎籾
21 Jan 2003 09:36:30 GMT


I downloaded a delegate8.3.2 and installed it on freebsd4.5.

I care much about Sockmux function and tried it.

At first, I installed 2 delegates on different machines

connected by socket, and they worked well.

And then, I tried FIFO mode like following:

1) Install delegate on a machine

2) Create 2 FIFO devices by:

   mkfifo /tmp/com0

   mkfifo /tmp/com1

3) Launch 2 delegated process by:

  ./delegated SERVER=sockmux:commin@/tmp/com1 SERVER=sockmux:commout@/tmp/com0 -P9023

  ./delegated SERVER=sockmux:commin@/tmp/com0 SERVER=sockmux:commout@/tmp/com1 SERVER=http

4) The 2 servers started correctly.

5) I set http proxy to above ip and port 9023 in my IE,

   and then visited an internet url.

   But it faild :-(

6) I used tcpdump to listen 9023 port, and found the

   the request had arrived at delegated server from browser.

   But I couldn't find request from delegated to internet.

7) Additionally, I found /tmp/com0 and com1 is empty any time.

What mistakes did I make? Probably I couldn't understand

the meaning of FIFO mode. 

May you give me any advices?

Much Thanks.

Thin Lee

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