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[DeleGate-En] SSL Tunneling an php external script
02 Jan 2003 23:57:58 GMT

Hello Yutaka,

after lots of testing and reading, the delegate proxy is one of the finest 
application level gateways around for free.
so thanx for the hard work ;=)

I have got 2 questions regarding delegate

1) how do i implement in origin http mode to parse the .php files to the 
php engine ?
i have tried some of the steps listet in the feedback articels and the 
manual , but no luck !!!

2) is it possible to tunnel SSL-Delegate Servers through a http-proxy 
supporting HTTP1.1 SSL-connect

the scheme in need would be like follows:

client===>delegate===>  http-proxy  ===>Internet<===delegate===server

i have tried ssl mode between two delegate servers as described in the 
topic SSL but it didnt work

thanx alot ,

Martin Papadopoulos

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