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[DeleGate-En] IIS username with slash / character problem for ftp delegated
18 Sep 2002 19:37:14 GMT David Xu <>

Hi Yutaka,

I like your delegated program. I've been testing it for while. Thank you
very much for your contribution.
Recently I got a FTP proxy problem for IIS username with slash (/).
One of our client has MS IIS with ftp server enabled. Their ftp userID is
domain ID,thus has this format: xxxx/xxxx.
The xxxx before forward slash (/) is their domain, after is username.
My Gauntlet proxy works fine with it, but I want to see if delegated works
so I will replace it.

On my workstation behind proxy, I typed:
ftp proxyserver

it wouldn't work, because of /
Same commands are accepted in Gauntlet proxy. / seems causing delegated to
cut the rest of line and discard.

I don't find solution in the manual. I've searched your mailing list, only
one similar was found, but not for / character.
The link is

I've searched google,too, but again, nothing similar to this. I run out of
option now.

I think it's common that IIS ftp server is configured using NT domain
account instead of IIS's local account, so / becomes a must to specify in
userID section.

Is there any special way or fix to pass this / character?

Thank you very much,
David Xu 
NBF Toronto, IT Department

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