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[DeleGate-En] Some questions
30 Dec 1998 08:12:09 GMT


I've discovered DeleGate two days ago, and I've got some question I
find answers for:
 - Is there something special to do if I don't need/want to cache
   accesses, besides not creating the cache/ directory (it seems to
   work fine). I'm just proxying HTTP and HTTPS.
 - What is the difference between defining SERVER=http and
   SERVER=http://-/-/ in the configuration of a HTTP proxy ?
 - I haven't understood how the authentification process work for
   the remote management of DeleGate. The Documentation says to
   include 'AUTH="manager:*:my_email@my_domain"', but where does
   DeleGate get a password ? (It asks for one when I connect on
   the management ;-(
   I know there's written something at the bottom of the management
   page about a IDENT daemon, but I don't have one, and something
   else about a callback with ftp protocol, but I don't understand
   what was meant with that. (and I don't have a ftp server nearby)
   Can someone giveme some explanations/examples on how I can
   authentificate ?

Thanks a lot,
Luc Stepniewski <>

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