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[DeleGate-En] secure imap
05 Sep 2002 11:24:56 GMT Timo Lotila <>


I've used delegate as https-http proxy and I'd like to use it to proxy
secure imap (simap). sslway options says that use -st/imap to simap but
it seemed not to support simap cause I can't specify secure port to
mounted imap service. Like MOUNT="/* simap://myserver/*" or MOUNT="/*

Is there any plans to support secure imap or pop

delegated -v SERVER=imap FCL=sslway -st/imap
MOUNT="/* imap://*"

09/05 13:59:40.73 [8078] 1+0: (0) accepted [22]
-@[] (0.004s)(1)
09/05 13:59:40.73 [8078] 1+0: PATH:

It seemed to connect to standard imap-port and I have not found any way
to connect to proper port(993);

	BR Timo
-- Lotsku --
Timo Lotila, Project Manager, Testing Services
Tiet臻舅tie 4
FIN-02130 Espoo

Conformiq Software Ltd -
tel +350-00-0000 00F, fax +350-00-000 000f -

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