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[DeleGate-En] Re: Question about AUTH without ftp server run
13 Aug 2002 13:38:33 GMT

En réponse à

> Hello,
> ==This mail is just for information==
> I find the solution of my pb of AUTH parameter (which didn't work). The
> log
> write that AUTH work with a ftp localhost authentification. But I don't
> run ftp
> server in my woody box (Mandrake make it without advertisment...So it
> work on my
> first server)!
> So I start the server with delegate (delegated -Plocalhost:21
> SERVER=ftp) and
> now, my delegate server work fine.
> But if delegate can make authentification when running in ftp server,
> why
> doesn't it can without a ftp server run localy?
> /Guillaume

Hola! I made a very big mistake in my last mail! Delegate doesn't authenticate 
in ftp server (or I didn't find how we can do it)...So everyone could be 
authentificate even if they didn't exist on the localhost...
So I need to install an ftp server deamon on my debian box...
But, is it possible that the authentification use the ssh localhost server? It 
could be improve the security, isn't it? 
In fact, I don't know how to configure the ftp deamon to accept request only 
on the localhost port...

Have good day (hollidays?)


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