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[DeleGate-En] Windows proxy + Fauth samples
05 Aug 2002 13:40:00 GMT "Borba, Wilter" <>


  i'm trying to setup httpd proxy server with a "virtual" AUTHORIZER on

Can you give samples of that configuration, and how to authorize/deny users
dynamically using delegate -Fauth....

Now i'm using the following command to start the server:
delegated -f DGROOT=C:\deleGAte -P80
SERVER=http://myhttpserver:80/ AUTHORIZER=-bseol.users AUTH=origin:auth

I'm not sure if the "AUTH=origin:auth" is correct for this scenario.

Then i want ot authorize users using something like this:
delegated DGROOT=C:\deleGAte -P80 -Fauth -a admin:pepe -bseol.users 15m

It works, but users don't expire on 15 minutes, delegate tell me:
-OK added the auth.
AUTH: ftp://admin@-bseol..:21
PASS: 926e27eecdbc7a18858b3798ba99bddd
EXPIRE: never

Delegate is great.

Thanks for your help,

Wílter Borba
System and Network Admin.
Banco de Seguros del Estado
Montevideo - Uruguay

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