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About delegate!
  12/18-03:29 . 0180  Lucas Adrin Gmez Blandn <> [23]
___ You can redirect accesses to URLs of a speficifed pattern to another = specified URL, which may just return a denial message. Prepair your = denial mesage, for example, at /path/of/denial.html. And
authentication not working for SSL client accessing Delegate SSL proxy?
  12/18-15:10 . 0181  "Horia Georgescu" <> [14]
___ Hi, I'm trying to get this going on my own, but it doesn't work ... Here is an excerpt from "A universal SSL proxy by DeleGate": "... If you wish to see client's certificate in SSLway with "-ac" opt
  12/18-15:55 . 0182 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [45]
___ on 12/18/98(15:11:52) Have you cleared the problem of "keyfile not found or wrong" ? I should have noticed that SSL_xxx_yyy_FILEs must be specified in absolute path when you run DeleGate in backgrou
CuSeeme Proxy and Delegate Configuration
  12/25-11:46 . 0183  James Buckeyne <> [24]
___ Can someone help me configure Delegate as a CU-Seeme Proxy for a Windows 95 machine with a single Net card, with 2 addresses (192.x.x.1, 192.x.x.2) where CU-Seeme program will use .2 and the proxy o
Large E-mail messages.
  12/26-16:10 . 0184  Marco Morcos <> [13]
___ - I also still have a problem with 2.5 Megabytes mail or larger although I pass MIMECONV = thru as a command line parameter. I have also tried replacing my mime.c file with the file in mimekit and I
Redirecting http requests to another proxy server
  12/26-16:10 . 0185  Marco Morcos <> [10]
___ Dear sir, - How do I redirect http requests from my DeleGate proxy server clients to my ISP's proxy server port 80, knowing that this server will request a user name and a password. (Can I pass them
I would like to subscribe to your mail-list
  12/29-11:06 . 0186  Alexey & Tatyana Godin <> [2]
  12/30-00:50 . 0187  =?iso-8859-2?Q?J=E1n=20Mr=E1zik?= <> [77]
  12/30-02:42 . 0188 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [27]
___ On 12/30/98(00:50) you =?iso-8859-2?Q?J=E1n=20Mr=E1zik?= <> wrote in <_A187@delegate-en.ML_> The minimum configuration of DeleGate as a POP-proxy is like thi
Some questions
  12/30-17:12 . 0189 [27]
___ Hello, I've discovered DeleGate two days ago, and I've got some question I couldn't find answers for: - Is there something special to do if I don't need/want to cache accesses, besides not creating
  12/30-18:31 . 0190 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [62]
___ You can explicitly disable any caching by "CACHE=no". No difference practically as long as you use it as a HTTP proxy. I understand that these make different response of top page when the HTTP-DeleG
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