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Delegate spins cpu to 100% on Win2k Server boot
  06/04-01:31 . 1660  Jeff Frost <> [16]
___ Hi there, I've noticed an odd problem with the 7.9.[45] versions of Delegate. If I set it up as a service on a Win2k Server machine, it works fine until the server is rebooted. When the delegate ser
  06/05-01:10 . 1661 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Hi, You mean only 7.9.[45] have the problem? If so, the cause can be around DNS server because I did a modification relevant to DNS for Win32 in 7.9.4. You mean feeding it like "+=http://server/dg.c
  06/05-01:32 . 1662  "Andrei Chiriaev" <> [32]
___ Dear Yutaka, "Delegate" is a wonderful and flexible tool that I am intensively appreciating. Nonetheless, I have recently encountered an operational context in which the WWW application that I am in
  06/05-01:55 . 1663 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Hi, Could you tell me how (with what configuration parameters) you set the DeleGate as a reverse proxy? If the "sprintf" is that in the function, you seem to access the DeleGate with "http://delegat
Delegate spins cpu to 100% on Win2k Server boot
  06/05-15:35 . 1664  Jeff Frost <> [48]
___ It's 100% reproducible for me with 7.9.4 and 7.9.5. I have not tried another version yet. As I mentioned it only happens on Win2k boot, so testing it is rather unpleasant as I have to bring the mult
delegate like proxy-ftp with cache
  06/05-16:02 . 1665  "proxyadmin" <> [9]
___ I want to use delegate like a proxy ftp so i do the following command delegate -v -P21 SERVER="ftp://iporiginserver:21" CACHE="do" EXPIRE="120secs" CRON="0 * * * * -Fexpire /pathcache -rm -atime -su
  06/05-17:44 . 1666 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ I'm not sure what is the problem with the configuration. If the problem is that the cached data is not removed after 120 seconds, it should be like this: CRON="* * * * * -expire 120s" The left most
Delegate - ftp - fork function failed
  06/05-19:11 . 1667  "Filip Van de Velde" <> [22]
___ Hello, I am using an older version of delegate(7.3.x) as an ftp proxy with sslway in front of it. Recently we had a few times a problem with the child processes. The Delegate's logging says (multipl
re delegate like proxy-ftp with cache
  06/05-22:46 . 1668  "proxyadmin" <> [49]
___ Thanks for the reponse , but is it possible to clean up with this cron every five minutes ?For example with the following syntax delegate -v -P21 SERVER="ftp://iporiginserver:21" CACHE="do" CRON="0-
  06/06-00:45 . 1669  "Andrei Chiriaev" <> [74]
___ Yutaka, I have identified the "real" problem causing the disruption in my integration process. Several of my "MOUNT" rules refer to "/-", "/-/*" patterns. This was done to exclude the DELAGATE's "ad
re delegate like proxy-ftp with cache
  06/06-07:04 . 1670 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ Did you try "every minutes" by "*" ? Could you tell me why you like complex "-Fexpire /pathcache ..." notation (which must incldue -atime +N) instead of simple "-expire N" ? It must be like CRON="0,
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