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[DeleGate-En] Microsoft Internet Explorer wants japanese test display support...
02 May 2002 14:04:55 GMT "Jeremy T. Grant" <>

I have been using delegate for abou a year works great except for
one problem that keeps happoning with user that use Microsoft Internet
Explorer..They get a popup box that says "download Japanese Text Display
Support in order to display characters correctly"...and if the users do not
download the Display support then they get a blank page...This is only
happoning to users that are goign through the delegate server...users that
have direct access to the webserver at not having this problem...and this is
also only effect Microsoft Internet explorer...Netscape and mozilla do not
have a problem displaying the webpage though all of your users of this site
us IE...Not sure how to fix this since the computer can nto get to teh
internet to get the japanese support...

Jeremy T. Grant
System Admin
Advanced Systems Enginering
Phone:	000-000-0006

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