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[DeleGate-En] how to configure this?
17 Jan 2002 15:51:46 GMT

i have a network (LAN) that need access to 
internet. i have a server that is connected
to the internet.
also, i have web/smtp/pop server running on server.

i want all client can access the 'net without
installing any software (doing NAT).
i also want delegate act as caching-proxy if
the client setup to connect thru proxy.
i also want socks proxy for some clients.

is it possible for delegate to 'catch' all
email come in and out and scan them for virus?
can delegate filter web traffic to block (say,)
adult content or dangerous scripts, etc...???

even more...
can delegate have some control of bandwidth used?
say, if i want my email go thru however busy
the other internet traffic is, the mail is 
or, controling who can access web, who can 
access smtp/pop, etc...

can delegate does all this in my server?
how is the exact configuration?


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