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SOCKS 4 Server reply messages
  11/15-01:54 . 1410 (Yutaka Sato) [77]
___ Hi, Thank you for your pointing out the problem. Could you tell me the names of the client products? Maybe I did not read this part of document when I rapidly implemented SocksV4 in DeleGate about 6
Howto? SSL FTP Tunneling
  11/15-02:18 . 1411 (Yutaka Sato) [50]
___ Hi, I see. Is your command literally as above? I cannot understand your intention to specify FSV only to ftp-data connection while specifying FCL only to ftp control connection. Since SSL session fo
SOCKS 4 Server reply messages
  11/15-04:26 . 1412  Claudio Topolcic <> [30]
___ Yutaka, Thank you for your reply. I have just done some testing. Netscape 6.2 seems to refuse the reply messages. It FINs the connection immediately after receiving the reply message. NS 6.2 can sup
Howto? SSL FTP Tunneling
  11/15-04:41 . 1413  "Bryan Dees" <> [525]
___ Hello again, I think i'm close but i'm still having trouble with ftp-data I think. I get established, get one line of data then a subsequent 521 error from FTP. On the server i'm using the following
  11/15-05:08 . 1414 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  11/15-05:19 . 1415 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
___ Bryan, (Sorry, I sent the previous message in broken format) Sorry but I don't know with what application I can read the content type: Could you show me the dialog of the FTP client and the relevant
  11/15-06:08 . 1416  "Bryan Dees" <> [250]
___ Sure, here's the Delegate log: 11/14 12:30:08.83 [23970] 0+0: --INITIALIZATION DONE-- 11/14 12:30:23.86 [23970] 0+0: AcceptByMain: TIMEOUT(children=0, timeout=15) 11/14 12:30:45.08 [23973] 1+0: -- F
  11/15-08:57 . 1417  "Bryan Dees" <> [70]
___ I finaly got it all to work! delegated \ -P10021 \ SERVER= \ CMAP="sslway -st:FCL:ftp:*:*" CMAP=sslway:FCL:ftp-data:*:* I took out the CMAP for FSV and added the end
  11/16-02:32 . 1418 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
___ Bryan, Thank you for your sending detailed log. Inspecting it I found that there are tow problems or bugs in FTP-DeleGate. - DeleGate does not start SSL session (by inserting FSV filter) for ftp-dat
  11/16-03:40 . 1419  "Bryan Dees" <> [84]
___ Our FTP server accepts both SSL and non-ssl FTP off the same port. So, what you are saying makes complete sense. In order for me to relay both SFTP and FTP I had to use two separate commands/ports,
  11/16-06:59 . 1420 (Yutaka Sato) [122]
___ Hi, Maybe the problem which occurs when this DeleGate is used by non-SSL client is that ftp-data connection is always in SSL unconditionally. The enclosed patch to sslway.c will introduce "-ad" opti
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