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[DeleGate-En] SOCKS 4 Server reply messages
13 Nov 2001 22:15:35 GMT Claudio Topolcic <>

         We downloaded DeleGate version 7.5.4 and installed it as
a SOCKS Server on a Mandrake Linux PC. Your directions for doing
this were very simple and we had no problems there.
         However, we did have problems with some SOCKS Clients. I
took a trace and it shows that DeleGate sends 04 in the version
field of SOCKS response messages. The SOCKS 4 specification
(see says
that this field represents the version of the reply code and
should be 0. Some SOCKS Clients reject the SOCKS exchange based
on this field.
         To test my theory, I made the obvious and trivial
changes to the file socks4.c, recompiled it and made a new
binary and started it. All the Clients are working properly with
that Server. I do not want to propose my changes because I may
have broken something else.
         If you already have a version of DeleGate that implements
the SOCKS 4 version field according to the specification, please
tell me where to find it. I am having difficulty finding any
appropriate notes in the mail archive.
         If you do not yet have such a version of DeleGate, I
recommend that you consider creating one.
         Thanks you, and good luck,

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