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[DeleGate-En] FCL and FTOCL, env
29 Jun 2001 02:49:26 GMT

 I was wondering if there was a way to process an FCL=sslway after a
FTOCL=mod.cfi (which calls a perl script to cleanup some urls that the
proxy doesnt) on the same delegate process?  It seems that the FCL is
always processed prior to the FTOCL.  I would like to modify my html output
using the transformed code that the proxy dumps out.

Also I was wondering if there was environment variable that I could use in
a FFROMSV CFI that would tell me the ip/hostname of the origin web server
if I was using a mount? (ie /* http://www1/*) the env var would be
something like ORIGIN_HOST=www1?

Also, it seems that if I use the relay mode (ie -_-http://www1) it not only
adds the -_- to the correct urls but also to urls that are not supposed to
go through the proxy.... Any ideas?

Thanks for the great product!


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