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Portrange for passive FTP
  06/06-16:51 . 1190  "Robin Gorris" <> [13]
___ Thanks for your reply. But what I really wanted to know is how to make Delegate SET a range of ports that can be used by the client so that the server doesn't have to open every single port above 10
FTP through SOCKS Delegate
  06/07-14:49 . 1191 [887]
___ More detailed description of problem. I want: Client (IE) for ftp connection use socks to connect to Delegate on port 1080. Socks Delegate connect to Master Delegate on port 8128( I read about such
Portrange for passive FTP (not supported)
  06/08-08:51 . 1192  dirk laurijssen <> [29]
___ Vadim, you're right, the default behaviour is that an FTP-server returns a high-port. What the author of the previous message probably was referring to is that along with firewall-friendly FTP (RFC1
  06/08-11:27 . 1193 [320]
___ Thank you, Dirk, I don`t know about this RFC specification. It is no more logical connect internal ftp server directly to firewall? As I understand Delegate concept it is deliver outside services to
how make the delegate on Sun solaris 2.6
  06/10-18:26 . 1194  "Teamsun" <> [48]
___ Dear Mr./Ms. I don't know how to compile delategate 7.3 and how to install it on solaris 2.6 OS, could you tell me how to make it and how to download the installation documentation. thank you! your
  06/13-13:53 . 1195  "Tim -" <> [19]
___ Hello, My name is Tyson Richards from Trellian Internet Software. We produce an award winning FTP client called Trellian FTP. Trellian FTP We have just been browsing you
Running non-SSL-FTP-clients to logon to SSL-FTP-servers...
  06/14-03:47 . 1196  "Markus Liljergren" <> [15]
___ I am trying to make non-SSL-FTP-clients to logon to SSL-FTP-servers, this I have been trying to do using Windows 2000 and Delegate with SSLWay. But I can't make out what command-line to use, the las
FTP through SOCKS Delegate
  06/14-16:42 . 1197 (Yutaka Sato) [44]
___ Since you are using DeleGate as a Socks server, i.e. a circuit level proxy which does not care any application level protocol like FTP, there is no chance for the DeleGate (or for any circuit level
Portrange for passive FTP (not supported)
  06/14-17:39 . 1198 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Basically, FTP-DeleGate with -PX option (port number X for control connection) creates a data connection with a port number X-1. Thus it should be enough to open X and X-1 so that FTP-DeleGate can a
FTP through SOCKS Delegate
  06/15-19:02 . 1199 [88]
___ Well, maybe you help me, how I can implement something like my wishes? Problem is Internet Explorer. I use autoconfig feature of IE, and correct answer of autoconfig function is only proxy or socks
Logfile behavior
  06/15-19:06 . 1200 [240]
___ Greetings. I try Logformat [date+format] described at documentation and find following thing: When Delegate find old file with nonzero size it rename old file to random(not random - not significant)
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