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[DeleGate-En] Re: Netscape Messenger 6 or Outlook 2000 Problem
15 May 2001 09:15:13 GMT "Jonathan Jodry" <>

Hello, thanks for your answer. As you have noticed, I don't know a lot on
connections through a proxy... However, I will try to precise my problems,
and indicate the solutions that are working for other proxy...

- For Outlook 2000: usually, the program need to be configured the following
Incoming mail server : PROXY_SERVER
Outgoing mail server : PROXY_SERVER
Password : same password

This configuration is working with other proxy, but is working only
partially with Delegate: it is possible to send emails, but not to receive
One of the possible solution would be to change the POP-O.TXT file. Is this
file, there is a line:


which is also one of the mail server used. Is it possible to have a second
SERVER=pop:// ??? Will the program accept 2 lines like this
in the same file?

- WS_FTP, a common program for FTP transfer file, can connect to the
Delegate proxy. At this stage, he send the command user USERNAME@SERVER, and
receive the error 530: Proxy failed to connect with 'SERVER'. This is
however working with another proxy (OK, on a different PC, but I do not see
any real difference...)

- Microsoft Front Page can not connect thru the Delegate proxy. This program
need to deal with NTLM authentication. Can Delegate manage those, and if
not, is it possible to disable this option from the proxy?

I know that some of the problems are not very clearly described... I however
will appreciate any hint you can give me...

Best Regards,

Jonathan Jodry

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