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  05/09-22:51 . 1140  Nadeesh Condon <> [51]
___ Hi, I am quite new to these things. Second question I am running delegate 7.1.2 on redhat linux 7.0 and this machine has two NIC with public IP a.b.c.d and one with private IP e.f.g.h. Now i want us
can't downloading delegate
  05/10-00:50 . 1141  "Vincent PAILLER" <> [31]
___ thank you for your answer. i'd experimented when i try to reach the ftp site or the ftp site , i'd never obtain an answer. but i'
regarding delegate and FTPS
  05/10-16:23 . 1142 (Yutaka Sato) [187]
___ Hi, Thank you for your information. I got the evaluation version of "WS-FTP Pro" to test "AUTH TLS" of SSLway/DeleGate implemented with the enclosed patch and invoked with following options: SERVER=
can't downloading delegate
  05/10-23:44 . 1143 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ I suppose the situation is like this: - you failed to download DeleGate files via FTP maybe because your host is behind some kind of firewall which only allows a restricted set of protocols (ports),
  05/11-01:35 . 1144  "Vincent PAILLER" <> [37]
___ your are right , thank you ! cheers V. Pailler Yutaka Sato a ť¶órit :
sslway client auth problem
  05/13-13:24 . 1145  Roger Buck <> [476]
___ Hi Yutaka, thank you for posting the sslway patch. Unfortunately, the original problem remains. I upgraded Delegate to V7.3 (latest release version), before applying the sslway patch. I think I have
  05/14-15:02 . 1146 (Yutaka Sato) [57]
___ Hi, Thank you for your sending log. I saw verifications for each connection, maybe for each in-line image, recorded in your log, and I noticed that the situation is inevitable with the current SSLwa
  05/14-21:11 . 1147 [179]
___ Sorry for maybe naive question. I can't configure Delegate to act how FTP/HTTP gateway. I make connect from HTTP-Delegate to generalist Delegate. Generalist make request, get info and write to cache
  05/15-13:49 . 1148 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ It's a usual warning message informing HTTP Keep-Connection-Alive is disabled because content-size information is not available, which is not serious nor fatal. Not a FAQ but a simple tutorial and a
still problems with INETD
  05/15-16:58 . 1149  "davy_vs" <> [23]
___ I still keep becoming the same result as therefore. I typ the following: delegated INETD="8099 stream tcp - - /home/davy/test1 test1" test1 is a small C program. I want to run this C program on port
Netscape Messenger 6 or Outlook 2000 Problem
  05/15-18:15 . 1150  "Jonathan Jodry" <> [49]
___ Hello, thanks for your answer. As you have noticed, I don't know a lot on connections through a proxy... However, I will try to precise my problems, and indicate the solutions that are working for o
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